Frequently Asked Questions

We may be proud of our TURTLES® Candies, but we’ll never hide in our shell. These FAQ’s list some of our customers’ most common questions to help you discover more about DeMet’s. If you have another, just click here and we’ll be happy to respond!

Where is DeMet’s Candy Company located?

Our corporate headquarters are in Stamford, CT. For more information or how to contact us, please go to our Contact page.

How many brands does DeMet’s Candy Company own?

Currently, DeMet’s Candy Company owns the TURTLES®, FLIPZ® brands.

Can I buy products directly from DeMet’s Candy Company?

Unfortunately at this time, DeMet’s Candy Company is unable to sell our products directly to the public.

Where can I get the nutrition facts for your products?

The nutrition facts for all of our products can be found on our product pages. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can submit an inquiry to our Consumer Affairs department by emailing us from our Contact page.

Are DeMet’s products kosher?

Yes, all DeMet’s products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

Interested in submitting a new product idea to DeMet’s?

At this time, we are unable to accept new product ideas from outside of the DeMet’s organization.

Looking for employment at DeMet’s?

Please refer to the We’re Hiring section of our website for information on how to apply for a job at DeMet’s Candy Company.

Where can I find a distributor to supply my business with DeMet’s candy products?

Please submit an inquiry through our Contact page and we will get back to you shortly to let you know how you can start selling DeMet’s candy products.

Why does some of the chocolate appear to be white?

This is most likely a result of chocolate bloom. Chocolate contains cocoa butter or oils in its formulation that tend to separate from one another when the product is subjected to extreme temperatures. The physical appearance of the product can look cloudy grey or white or contain spots. This can happen during distribution and/or storage. We recommend chocolate products be stored between 60-70 degrees to avoid chocolate bloom.

Is bloom harmful?

In general, bloom is harmless. If you are concerned or suspect something other than bloom, do not eat the product.

Does bloom mean that the product is old?

Age is not a factor regarding bloom; even fresh chocolate products can become bloomed.